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Our Guest Rooms

We offer 7 wonderfully furnished rooms to travellers who want to get away from the ordinary.

Each impeccable room is uniquely designed with its own theme, ready to embrace those looking

for solitude, or the adventurous souls here to explore the beauty of New England.



3 LUXURY ROOMS highlighting
the beauty of Norwich, Connecticut:

Rose, Mountain, and Crescent


4 DELUXE ROOMS featuring
New England's Four Seasons:

Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter

➤ Library room stocked with books on American heritage

➤ Beautifully manicured garden and lawn

➤ Spacious parlours and living rooms

➤ Glassed in dining porch

➤ Pool table

Outdoor tennis court




➤ Homecooked breakfast

➤ Wi-fi access

➤ Communal television

➤ Garden patio

➤ Recreational playroom

➤ Fitness equipment


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