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Little Joys

We, at Mount Crescent House, believe that the enrichment of life should be embraced by the art of positive-thinking. Even though we all have our hardships, it is the strength in remaining positive that pulls us through in each of our own journey. First step is to appreciate the beautiful things to see in this world and sharing our joy with others. William Bill, the original homeowner in 1856, devoted his time in public service and education through his invaluable generosity. In keeping with his spirit and our mission, we have dedicated this page to Little Joys.

Berry picking
Crab Salad-my favorite
Great Design by Maya Lin
Widow's Walk
Widow's Walk
Afternoon Tea Party-11/9/2014
Enjoy afternoon tea
Enjoy afternoon tea & the garden
Enjoy CT wine, fruit & dairy.
Peacock theme in Spring Room
My pet-peacock
Norwich Free Academy
Norwich Free Academy
With my 9 Little Joys
photo (31).JPG
Dad & Mom at Stamford CT-1993
Japaneses Maple in fall
Recorded the glorious era
Little Joys in Royal Vase
Walking Mohegan Park with BJ
Three little patriots
Lobster feast at New London
"In Food I Trust"-WaWa
One of my favorite quote
Hand-Made Soap for MCH B&B
Strawberry field by the tennis court
"Eat, Play, Sleep", Life is Good!
Mural painting in Mountain Room
Mural Painting in Crescent Room
Mural painting in Summer Room
Talented Teenage Artist-Alec Ma
Treasure found at Otis Book Sale
Treasure found at Otis Book Sale
Treasure found at Otis Book Sale
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