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Tea Party

Sun 10/25

12 noon to 3 pm

Experience the beauty of New England all season long.



3 LUXURY ROOMS highlighting
the beauty of Norwich, Connecticut:

Rose, Mountain, and Crescent


4 DELUXE ROOMS featuring
New England's Four Seasons:

Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter

➤ Library room stocked with books on American heritage

➤ Beautifully manicured garden and lawn

➤ Spacious parlours and living rooms

➤ Glassed in dining porch

➤ Pool table

Outdoor tennis court




➤ Homecooked breakfast

➤ Wi-fi access

➤ Communal television

➤ Garden patio

➤ Recreational playroom

➤ Fitness equipment


Dear Guests,


Running the Mount Crescent House Bed & Breakfast began as a happy accident in my life journey. My own personal story parallels a twofold mission: 1) Revitalize Norwich
by preserving its historical mansions within modern day and 2) Strengthen the positivity in being no matter how hard one's life is, for life is a beautiful journey. Enjoy your life.


                                                                                  Your Host,

                                                                                  Natalie Lee

Thank you and we hope you'll enjoy your stay!

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